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The MDP Senior Experience

High School Senior Photography is a HUGE passion of mine. There's something so sentimental about photographing seniors. Getting to be apart of such a vulnerable time in their life; the excitement, curiosity, and dreams ahead, trying to figure out where their next step in life will take them after graduation. Senior portraits are so important to capture who YOU are in this moment, in the biggest transition a senior will ever face in life, leaving home and transitioning from "kid" to "adult." A time to dream big and step out into the real world.

I was inspired to make a video to show each Senior the experience, creativity, fun and originality they will receive when booking their Senior Session with me. At Mindy Dawn Photography, my goal is to for you to be yourself, the true original that you are! It is so important to be able to express your individuality, your style and personality, and let your images tell a story that reflects who you are in this very moment as a Senior!

All MDP Senior session styles are a personalized experience, where you are free to be you no matter what session you choose! There is only one you, a true original. Whether you want amazing images, a fun experience, professional hair and makeup, or just someone who appreciates who you are, you are in the right place! We offer unique sessions and images for those looking to express every part of their individual style. Think for yourself, and don’t follow the crowd. Be YOU.

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