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Count Your Blessings

Let's be honest, we all have that one thing we have been dreaming about but have been way to scared to talk about. Taking a leap looks different for everyone. It's that thing we find ourselves daydreaming about, the dream that makes us jealous when we see other people out there crushing it and the one that makes us question if we could really do big things (spoiler alert: you can!) Following your dreams can be scary, and you will be faced with big decisions, but if you don't believe in yourself, why should anyone else? When you’re faced with these decisions that require you to say, “I believe in myself, in what I can do, and here’s proof.”

A few months ago, I got asked to start volunteering on the photography team at North Church and I knew this was a first sign that God wanted me to pursue my dreams and passion for photography! I've been blessed with the opportunity to serve the Lord by doing something I love.

Last night I got to be apart of the first REV Prom at North Church for 6th-12th grades. It was incredible to see these kids get all dressed up and come together to celebrate life with their Revolution Kids Family. I got to set up a fun prom backdrop as a photo booth with fun props and create wonderful memories. This is just the beginning of many wonderful things God has in store for me and the impact I can make with my passion for photography.

So if you’re still waiting for that “someday” to fall into your lap before you take a leap and get off the fence, I’m afraid you’ll be waiting for forever. Today is the day, do the thing that scares you most, take the leap, and know I’ll be here making sure the net is there when you jump. It’s time to make things happen!

Love God, Love People, Follow Jesus.


Mindy Huffman

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